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Four new AI uses set to change how we use Gmail and other Google apps 

Mountain View, California (dpa) – Google is throwing AI smarts at all its apps, and Gmail, Search, Photos, Messages and Google Maps are all getting new features that have the potential to make various tasks much simpler. The company’s AI chatbot (and its answer to the Microsoft-affiliated rival ChatGPT), Bard, is being rolled out in 180 countries around the world, while…


AI social media moderators harsher than humans, MIT-led team finds

Washington (dpa) – The alarm around so-called artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning has prompted the technology’s “godfather”Geoffrey Hinton to lament his life’s work. 

AI, the warnings go, could see widespread job losses or worse, should
it “get smarter than people”, as Hinton put it when he quit his job
at Google in early May. 

 Hinton’s concerns followed tech business bosses putting…


CES 2023. From tracking moods to putting on a show, it’s AI-everything

Entrepreneur Antony Perzo introduces a small device called Emobot, which looks like a cross between a speaker and a piece of abstract art, and explains: “It’s an emotional thermometer!” Like hundreds of other exhibitors at CES, the world’s biggest tech expo, French engineer Perzo is selling the merits of an object that depends on the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence.…


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