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Cryptocurrencies at crossroads after annus horribilis

To borrow from Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, 2022 is not a year on which the cryptocurrency world shall look back with undiluted pleasure. Crashes, contagion, collapses came in such quick succession that investors were, towards the end of the year, asking serious existential questions. After all, the largest cryptocurrency, bitcoin, has not kept its head above water for more than a…


Once a free icon, indy game Dwarf Fortress finds new life on Steam

Dwarf Fortress, a quirky independent video game that has been free since its 2006 release, is now among the online marketplace Steam’s best-sellers — to the surprise of its US creators. Set in a medieval fantasy world, Dwarf Fortress is what’s known in the gaming world as a “construction and management simulation,” in which players supervise a group of dwarves…


Metaverse is a risk to human social skills, Abba Voyage producer says

The metaverse is a concern because it will encourage more screen time and damage human connections, the producer of the Abba Voyage show says. Svana Gisla told Britain’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee that the technology “scares” her and does not represent an obvious improvement on digital experiences. Abba Voyage, a physical concert featuring four 3D digital versions of…


The Twitterpocalypse is nigh: Time to back up your tweets and follows 

Elon Musk’s chaotic takeover of Twitter has snowballed into a full-blown catastrophe, with large parts of the company reportedly refusing to commit to the billionaire’s plans for a new “hardcore” work culture. The platform might still be live, and yet #RIPTwitter has been trending as reports circulate, both in tech media and on the platform, that many employees critical to the company’s…


Nigeria’s ancient Benin Bronze treasures go digital

Nigeria’s famed Benin bronzes — artefacts stolen during British colonial rule and scattered across the globe — have a new online archive that aims to become a digital record of the treasures. Thousands of 16th to 18th century metal plaques, sculptures and objects were looted from the ancient Kingdom of Benin and ended up in museums and with art collectors…


Surveillance ‘existential’ danger of tech: Signal boss

The mysticism that has allowed tech firms to make billions of dollars from surveillance is finally clearing, the boss of encrypted messaging app Signal told AFP. Meredith Whittaker, who spent years working for Google before helping to organise a staff walkout in 2018 over working conditions, said tech was “valorised” and “fetishised” when she first began in the industry in…

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