NYC museum devoted to German, Austrian art hosts major Beckmann show

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New York's Neue Galerie, a museum dedicated to art from the German-speaking world, is putting on a major exhibit focusing on German artist Max Beckmann.

New York (dpa) – A major exhibition celebrating the work of German artist Max Beckmann is set to open at New York’s Neue Galerie, a museum dedicated to German and Austrian art and design from the early 20th century, on October 5.

“Max Beckmann: The Formative Years, 1915-1925” will feature some 100 works of art, including major paintings, drawings and print portfolios, representing a period in Beckmann’s life when his style shifted from impressionism to what has been termed New Objectivity, an art movement that emerged in Germany in the 1920s partly in response to artists’ experiences during World War I.

Its realist tendencies have often been described as a challenge to expressionism.

Following the outbreak of the war, Beckmann served as a volunteer nurse in East Prussia in 1914, followed by service in Belgium, experiences which would go on to spark a “dramatic shift” in his approach to art, according to the museum.

The Neue Galerie (which translates as new gallery), near Manhattan’s Central Park, is home to the collection by businessman Ronald Lauder, including the Gustav Klimt painting “Adele Bloch-Bauer I,” acquired by Lauder in 2006 for a record $135 million.

“Max Beckmann: The Formative Years, 1915-1925” is set to open on October 5 and scheduled to run until January 25.