Iconic ‘LOVE’ sculpture returns to New York

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The "LOVE" sculpture by US artist Robert Indiana is once again a selfie hotspot in New York and can be found in front of the Rockefeller Center.

New York (dpa) – After being a familiar landmark on a street corner in the middle of Manhattan for many years, a well-known sculpture with two large red letters stacked on two others is once again a selfie hotspot in the heart of New York.

A recently restored and repainted “LOVE” sculpture by US artist Robert Indiana (1928-2018) was inaugurated in front of Rockefeller Center in September, where it is to be on display until October 23 along with other works by Indiana.

Right after the opening of the show visitors began snapping selfies in front of the 3-metre high sculpture with its unmistakeable square shape and slanted ‘O’.

Indiana began experimenting with this type of sculpture in the 1960s and built the first one for the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Today, the “LOVE” sculptures, which can also be seen on stamps in the USA, can be found in many cities around the world and countless people take photos of themselves in front of them every day.

The artist, who was born in 2018 in the US state of Indiana and was a co-founder of the Pop Art scene, felt illegally copied by imitators and misunderstood by the New York art world. In 1978, he retired to a small island off the coast of the US state of Maine, where he died in 2018 at the age of 89.