300-year-old art restored and returned to Blenheim Palace

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Credit: Blenheim Palace/Cover Images

A 300-year-old piece of Schellenberg tapestry has been lovingly restored and returned to its home in the First State Room at Blenheim Palace.

Schellenberg is one of the tapestries commissioned by the 1st Duke of Marlborough between 1706-1710.

‘The Victories series’ was the last set he commissioned and comprises 10 tapestries, 9 of which are on display in the Palace State rooms, each depicting a pivotal battle in the War of Spanish Succession, in which the Duke commanded Britain’s armies.

The Schellenberg tapestry has been conserved by Emma Telford, textile conservator and took just over 12 months to complete.

The intricate process includes, the old lining being removed and the metal fastenings taken off the edges followed by the tapestry being ‘washed’ in a large bath to remove the dirt. The conservator then rebuilds any silk or wool thread that has degraded over time and repairs any slits. The tapestry is then re-lined and velcro is attached to the edges and the walls for re-hanging.

Kate Ballenger, Keeper of Palace and Collections at Blenheim Palace said: “The tapestry conservation program at Blenheim Palace began in 2008 and the conservation and return of the Schellenberg marks the 20th tapestry conservation in the last 15 years which is a huge milestone for us.”

She added: “Not only are the collections of tapestries at Blenheim Palace a piece of history because they were commissioned by the 1st Duke of Marlborough, but they also serve as a historically factual record of British military history, depicting significant events during this influential period.” (Cover Media Via Reuters)

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