Banksy shares video of his street art creations from Ukraine

1 min read

The anonymous graffiti artist Banksy has shared a behind-the-scenes video of his latest street art creations from his trip to Ukraine.

Damaged buildings in Ukraine’s Kyiv region have become a canvas for Banksy, as graffiti representing a man taking a bath appeared on the walls of a shelled and destroyed building in Ukraine.

Another graffiti shows a woman wearing a gas mask and carrying a fire extinguisher was represented on a wall of another burnt-out building.

Other two graffiti include a girl gymnast performing a handstand on a pile of rubble and another gymnast dancing with a ribbon above a hole in the wall of a damaged building.

The video released by Banksy also shows the creation of some of the artworks with spray paint, including the graffiti of the man taking a bath and a military truck on a wall. (Via REUTERS)

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