Towering 24-headed statue erected in New York’s Central Park

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New York's Central Park has a new piece of public art:†"Ancestor" by British-Indian artist Bharti Kher. Photo: Christina Horsten/dpa

A 6-metre-high bronze statue with 24 heads has begun pulling glances from locals and tourists after being erected in New York’s Central Park. 

The work “Ancestor” by the British-Indian artist Bharti Kher is a “universal mother figure” in the words of the Public Art Fund, which takes care of public art in the metropolis. 

The artwork, standing somewhat in contrast to the proud Western bronze statues commemorating historic figures and events, is the “most ambitious work to date” by Kher.

“I invite viewers to leave their wishes, dreams and prayers with Ancestor; and to pass on their wisdom of living and love to the next generation,” says the London-born artist. 

“She is the keeper of all memories and time. A vessel for you to travel into the future, a guide to search and honour our past histories, and a companion–right here, right now – in New York City.”

At the south-east entrance of Central Park, where tens of thousands of people pass by every day, the Public Art Fund puts up a new work by a different artist every few months. “Ancestor” is to be on display until August 2023. ©dpa

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