Barcelona digital arts center reveals Dali’s rational side through hi-tech immersive experience

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The IDEAL Digital Arts Center in Barcelona, Spain, has opened a new exhibition on great Spanish artist Salvador Dali, providing visitors with an interactive and immersive experience thanks to digital tools such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality (VR).

Cybernetic Dali,” which opened on Sept. 20 and is expected to run beyond November, focuses on a side of the artist that is little known: his lifelong fascination with science and technology.

According to the exhibition, Dali was a painter who had a great interest in technology and worked with the first computers. He believed that in the future creativity would end up arising from machines and cybernetics.

Among the highlights of the exhibition is the central hall that offers visitors a 30-minute, 360-degree projection of Dali’s works, while an installation allows people to draw their own Dali-style paintings on tablets and exhibit them on a mapping wall.

Virtual reality has always been a key feature of IDEAL’s exhibitions and the VR experience in this exhibition has been expanded into a larger space in which people can go on a virtual reality journey through the dreamworld that Dali envisaged.

The exhibition was approved by the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation which oversees the artist’s estate and was produced in conjunction with the distributors Exhibition Hub, the Eyesberg multimedia studio, and the Loop Barcelona creators’ platform. XHTV via Reuters

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