Great change for the traditional art world – NFT artist, on auction house launching on-chain sales

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Multidisciplinary artist Diana Sinclair has worked in a variety of mediums, including watercolor. 

More recently the 18-year-old, who is based in the New York City area, has made a name for herself in the digital art space. 

(September 28) Sinclair debuted an NFT collection titled “Phases” for Christie’s New York. 

“The base of all these artworks are actually, like, digital photo and video,” she said. “I used other digital mediums to influence artworks over time to represent how memories and, like, periods of our life, in our mind degrade over time.”

Themes of her collection are “letting go” and “accepting impermanence.” 

Sinclair made the works for Christie’s 3.0, a new platform the auction house created together with web3 developer group Manifold and blockchain firm Chainalysis. 

The platform will specialize in NFT sales that are fully on the Ethereum blockchain from start to finish. 

“Christie’s 3.0, this auction, is the first time a major auction house will be conducting sales completely on-chain,” said Nicole Sales Giles, Christie’s Business Director of Digital Art. 

For artists like Sinclair, it’s a welcome development. 

“I find it really interesting that our world in the past, like, decade has become so focused on Internet culture and how we share things online. So, I think that it’s only natural that the arts, and us finding a way to sell our work digitally, is a natural part of that shift as well,” she said. “I think that this represents a really great change for the traditional art world going forward.”

The online auction is running from September 28 through October 11. Via Reuters

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