BANKSY Genius or Vandal: the exhibition arrived in Buenos Aires

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BANKSY Genius or Vandal? is presented at the Pabellón Frers de La Rural.

“BANKSY Genius or Vandal?”, which to date has received more than 1 million visits on its world tour, is conceived as an immersion in the mysterious universe of one of the most influential creators of recent decades. The exhibition proposes an unprecedented journey through original works ceded exclusively by international private collections with their certificate of authenticity (COA).

The exhibition brings us closer to the controversial artistic universe of one of the most influential creators of recent years, through different thematic areas and more than 70 creations that include a selection of unique works executed with different techniques: oil or acrylic on canvas, spray on canvas and wood, limited edition screen prints, stencils on metal or concrete, sculptures, installations, videos, photographs and virtual reality (VR) experiences.

”BANKSY Genius of Vandal?” also has a free audio guide for smartphones, available in Spanish and English, which enriches the visitor’s experience by providing extensive information on the artist and on each of the works on display.

An immersive multimedia installation specially created for this exhibition will welcome the visitor, revealing clues about the mysterious artist, highlighting his most important pieces and framing his unusual career, not without controversy. The exhibition has already been presented in: New York, Las Vegas, Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Lisbon, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Osaka, Hiroshima, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, among others. LANA Via REUTERS

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