MUFO Mexico’s Museum of the Future, a new art concept (2022)

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Mexico City’s Museum of the Future (MUFO), which opened its doors in April, reaches the end of its first stage on August 7 with a positive balance and the achievement of its goal: to show how creators would like a museum to be in the future. (Video © EFE Via Reuters)

MUFO It is a space designed so that each one of your senses explodes, to stimulate your imagination and inspire your mind. A space that breaks down barriers, that invites you to travel without having to move, to savor the sounds, to listen by touch and to dream with your eyes open.

MUFO is the museum of the future. A new way of experiencing a museum, through the senses, with narratives and spaces created by the pioneering minds of experiential art.

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The Museum of the Future ‘Mufo’, Mexico City, Mexico 2022. Credit: Profimedia

From the programme:

ROOM A Tundra (Duration: 18 minutes) Attendees are encouraged to remain inside the room for the entire duration of the artwork to appreciate it correctly. Artists intentionally manipulate the viewers vision over time to create unique sensory effects.

ROOM B galeríaMUFO (Duration: 6 – 12 minutes). Each of the screens in this gallery has a series of digital artworks. The viewer is encouraged to remain in front of the screens for extended periods of time to appreciate the entire collections.

ROOM C Guest Projects (Duration: 10 minutes) This is an open, collaborative and itinerant space where we invite national projects, of the most diverse techniques and inspirations, to exhibit their work.

ROOM D 217 Martin Levêque (Duration: 3-10 minutes) We encourage attendees to look at the piece carefully to visualize the different light patterns and movements that are generated with the metal.

The Museum of the Future ‘Mufo’, Mexico City, Mexico, 12 May 2022. Credit: Profimedia

ROOM E OUCHHH (Duration: 20 minutes) This room consists of the projection of 2 audiovisual pieces, each lasting approximately 10 minutes. Attendees are encouraged to walk around the room so they can get to know different perspectives of the space as well as find the best place to take photos.

ROOM F Antoni Arola (Duration: 10-15 minutes) This installation takes place over 3 musical pieces. Attendees are encouraged to remain in the room for the entire duration of the songs in order to contemplate the perceptual changes that occur at a sensory and psychological level intentionally created by the artist.

Concept Store (Duration: 5-15 minutes) Get to know the work of more than 20 Mexican designers who present their creations in this space with a vision for the future of sustainable manufacturing.

(Via MUFO)

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