Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam ‘Discover the joy of collecting art’ (2022)

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AAF AMS William Maanders

The 16th edition of Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam will take place between Wednesday 26 and Sunday 30 October 2022. 

The venue is the industrial event hotspot on the IJ in Amsterdam Noord: the Kromhouthal. A key event in the cultural and social calendar, every year the fair welcomes around 12,000 visitors who come to discover art offered by approximately 70 Dutch and international galleries, representing emerging and established artists.

Art Fair with simple principles

Under the motto ‘discover the joy of collecting art’, Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam presents an inspiring selection of artworks: paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures and installations. The principle of Affordable Art Fair is simple. 

The participating galleries are selected by a selection committee. This selection is based on strict and rigorous criteria, with approved galleries sharing only artists of merit – a concept determined by factors such as originality, creative identity, artistic intention, and technical quality. The fair presents several thousand quality works of art, at affordable prices.

Displaying the artwork’s price is a mandatory requirement and the fair warmly encourages visitors to purchase at the fair and take artworks home directly. The fair has a dedicated Wrapping Desk where newly bought works can be safely packed.

Family Preview

On the morning of Saturday 29 October Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam is offering young parents a special opportunity to visit the fair. At ten in the morning, one hour earlier than usual, the fair will open its doors for the Family Preview. It is a unique moment for families with children and babies in their strollers to enjoy the fun of the fair in crowd-free and relaxed conditions. 

affordable art fair amsterdam

Inspiring duos: the Belgian Atelier de la Nuagerie and the Dutch We Are Out Of Office

The Brussels based Atelier de la Nuagerie will present their fluffy, cloud-shaped light structures in all shapes and sizes. Connected to Wi-Fi, these structures take the most wonderful variants: from a sunrise to a sunset and from a flashing thunderstorm to a beating heart.

The work of the Dutch Duo We Are Out Of Office, formed by graphic designers Winneke de Groot and Felix van Dam, shows love for subtle yet striking effects. Their presentation includes cheerful and colourful sculptures, ceramics, paintings, risographs and lithographs. They are also releasing a print in a limited edition of 100 copies, especially for the fair. The proceeds will go to a charity in Ukraine.

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam
Dutch Duo ‘We are out of office’. Credit: Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam 2022

Renowned galleries and artists

The 16thedition of Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam will show the works of the renowned photographers Hayley Eichenbaum (Homecoming Gallery) and Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk (Warnars & Warnars Art Dealers).

There will also be works by the Dutch typographer and multimedia artist Pieter Ceizer and the self-taught French painter Laurent Dorchin (Singulart). Gallery Untitled will present works by the Dutch designer Floris Hovers. At Rademakers Gallery’s stand you will discover the works by studio Irma. Post Modern Collection will present a selection of small-scale sculptures, drawings and paintings by artists such as Roosje van Donselaar, Sebastiaan Straatsma, Lex Pott, Ruben van der Scheer and Sander Wassink. All these works are made exclusively for the gallery and are often also available for visitors with a smaller budget.

AAF AMS William Maanders 183 LR
AAF AMS William Maanders

Digital art and NFTs

A special participant at Affordable Art Fair is the Belgian startup IONNYK: the first company in the world to create a connected art frame! IONNYK uses an e-paper technology that mimics the look of ink on paper. The medium reflects light from the environment just like regular paper and only consumes energy when the artwork changes.

Thanks to an e-paper and a digital catalogue, you can buy any black and white photo or NFT and display it immediately in your frame. Also new is the work of Nadieh Bremer (Thud Studio & Gallery). Nadieh, a graduate in astronomy, is a data visualization artist. In her work she combines her creative side with her love for math and data. She has made visualizations and art for companies such as Google News Lab, Sony Music, the New York Times and UNESCO and has recently ventured into creating NFTs and crypto art on platforms such as Foundation and EthBlock.Art.

Blythe Bolton: director of Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam and Brussels

Blythe Bolton, born in Edinburgh, studied contemporary art history in Los Angeles and in the world-renowned University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Blythe left the UK for Amsterdam in 2014 where her successful career in international art trade started.

Since 2018 Blythe is one of the driving forces of Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, the fair she soon took charge of. Under her direction the fair has overseen a rise in the annual event’s art sales from €1.9m to €2.75m. In 2020, Blythe additionally took on directorship of Affordable Art Fair Brussels. A nomad by nature, she divides her time between Amsterdam, Brussels, Edinburgh and London.

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