French artist Saype paints giant tribute to victims of Brazil’s dam burst – Beyond Walls (16)

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French artist Saype creates a giant piece of ‘land art’ on a football field as a tribute to the victims of the 2019 failure of the Corrego do Feijao dam, owned by the Vale mining company, in Brumadinho, Brazil.

Relatives and friends of the victims of the tragedy that left 270 dead and 4 still missing gather to trace the contours of the work in a grand symbolic embrace.

Saype has completed the 16th stage of his worldwide project Beyond Walls, which aims to reproduce the same “intertwined hands” in 30 different cities around the world by 2023, not only as a tribute to the victims of the dam collapse, but also to generate awareness about the impacts and tragedies of the mining industry on a national and international level. © AFP

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