David Hockney works to go on sale in dedicated auction

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david hockney
David Hockney turns 85 on July 8, 2022. Picture taken at the opening press conference of the Frankfurt Book Fair on October 18, 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair. Photo: Profimedia

An auction dedicated to works by David Hockney will be going on sale to “celebrate the achievements” of the influential British artist.

A series of paintings, photographs and sketches by the 85-year-old Bradford-born artist will go under the hammer at Phillips in Berkeley Square, central London, on September 13.

The self-titled auction will feature highlights from South African collectors Andrew and Sandy Ovenstone, who own the Cape Dutch homestead known as Stellenberg Gardens.

These include 1984 painting “Tyler Dining Room,” “Celia In A Wicker Chair” from 1974, and arguably Hockney’s most sought-after 1979 edition, “Afternoon Swimming,” which highlights the artist’s skill with lithography.

The auction will also include Hockney’s 2010 untitled painting, 2011’s “The Arrival Of Spring In Woldgate,” and his 1980 sketch “Celia Looks.”

Robert Kennan, Phillips’ head of editions in Europe, said: “This sale looks to celebrate the achievements of David Hockney to date with a vibrant selection in all media.

“The auction is an opportunity to acquire a Hockney work at all price points, from entry level works priced at £1,000 ($1,182) to those higher value pieces at £250,000 and above.

“Contemporary edition collecting is something we feel incredibly passionate about and creating curated sales such as David Hockney allows us to engage with our community of collectors, whilst reflecting our innovative approach to meet current collecting demands.”

The proceeds from the sale of these works will go to funding new acquisitions by contemporary South African artists. (PA Media/dpa)

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