Picasso and Greco, two free geniuses

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Picasso and El Greco are two masters who remained free to do the type of painting that forged their style and who have in common not only Picasso’s admiration for the Cretan artist who had broken the mold three centuries before, but the loose and totally personal brushwork of the last stages of their lives.

Exhibition ”Picasso visita al Greco”, 8/06 – 25/09/2022. Museo del Greco, Toledo, Spain.

Ahead of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the death of Pablo Picasso, the Museo del Greco is receiving for the first time in its history two works by the brilliant artist from Malaga, for whom El Greco was a source of inspiration throughout his life. 

The two works by Picasso have come to the Museo del Greco through an institutional exchange with the Kunstmuseum Basel (Switzerland). Our museum has lent three works from its permanent collection to take part in the exhibition “Picasso – El Greco”, June-September 2022. They are Saint John, Saint Bartholomew and Saint Simon of the Apostleship. In exchange, the El Greco Museum will receive two paintings by Picasso, works from two different artistic periods and corresponding to the last stages of the brilliant artist. (Museo del Greco)

Take a visit into Picasso – El Greco exhibition from Kunstmuseum Basel.

EFE Via Reuters

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