Tibet Museum reopens after renovation and expansion (2022)

The new Tibet Museum reopened in Lhasa City, the capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region on Friday, after five years of expansion work and renovations.

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The new Tibet Museum covers an area of 65,000 square meters, which is about five times larger than the original one, with a maximum daily visitor capacity of 7,000.

The facility is equipped with new technologies to provide visitors an interactive experience to explore the facility and understand the stories behind the displayed relics.

“In addition to exhibition halls, there are culture and creation experience halls, a children’s experience hall, an observation deck and a cultural recreation area in our new facility. We also have smart service devices and management system, which will help build a smart museum,” said Migmar Dolma, curator of the Tibet Museum.

The Tibet Museum is home to around 520,000 relics, including 40,000 precious pieces. To celebrate its opening, the museum has two special exhibitions on show. The first one features Tibet’s history and culture, and the other one showcases the region’s folk cultures.

The exhibitions feature nearly 2,700 precious relics, 600 of which are being shown publicly in Tibet Museum for the first time.

Via Reuters

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