MNArT Open View # 3 continues with the sculpture of Aurel Vlad (Timișoara)

The National Museum of Art Timișoara continues the series of MNArt OpenView projects organized in the window of the Mercy Gallery with a donation from the collection of Mr. Andrei Herczeg - the sculpture of Aurel Vlad, "Accident (Anatomy Lesson)".

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"Accident (Anatomy Lesson)" Photo: MNArT

Aurel Vlad’s work “Accident (Anatomy Lesson”) records the impact of an event experienced by the artist on the streets of Bucharest, at the same time it has the value of a tribute to Rembrandt, who, in “Dr. Nicolaes Tulp’s Anatomy Lesson”, represented, at in turn, an event in the life of Amsterdam.

Aurel Vlad has a special place in the Romanian artistic community, being consecrated both locally and internationally. A graduate of the “Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Fine Arts, the artist began his artistic career in the late ’80s. Multidisciplinary, he creates works of engraving and graphics, but the sculpture stands out in his creation.

For Aurel Vlad, the creative possibilities are unlimited, but the work is a personal act and reflects the character of its creator; the artist is obliged to “relate” everyday truth.

MNArT Open View # 1 opened with the dialogue of Paul Neagu and Constantin Brâncuși, Open View # 2 continued with Mihai Sârbulescu.

On Wednesday, June 29, 2022, the National Museum of Art Timisoara presents Open View # 3, the work “Accident (Anatomy Lesson)” by artist Aurel Vlad, continuing the dialogue that the institution opened with local collectors. Via MNArT

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