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NFT fever decreases with crypto crash

On June 15, Ethereum is down 18% and Bitcoin is down 8%, according to Reuters. By default, the NFT market is adapting, lowering prices and becoming more accessible to a wider category of users.

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NFT. The crypto market is down, if not underground, with a 14% drop in total value in a single day, starting Monday. Losses of 16% for Bitcoin and 18% for Ethereum.

The popular Bored Ape Yacht Club dropped to almost $ 100,000, or 16%, compared to last year’s values.

The NFT of the first tweet of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, sold for over 2 million dollars, in April did not exceed 280 dollars.

CryptoPunk # 274, which sold nearly a million in the spring of this year, reached just $ 138,000.

The popular Bored Ape Yacht Club, bought for more than $ 500,000 in April, was hardly sold for half the price, according to WP.

However, according to the crypto market analysis sites, the NFT market experienced a 54% increase in volume compared to the values ​​of the previous days.

Following the crypto crash, major NFT platforms such as the Foundation, SuperRare, and OpenSea have announced strategic changes in the way they run their businesses, with the trend being to prepare to open their doors more to many, and to rebalance the market, at least for now.

Fever is cooling down, enthusiasm is declining, prices are falling – all at once with the crypto market, but in the longer term, the volume of purchases is likely to increase, suggest

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